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Publishing platform done right.

Telescope is a minimal, simple, and fast publishing platform with a focus on privacy.

It's like Medium, but without all the bullshit.

What’s new?Telescope 2.0


Powerful and easy editor with the ability to fully customize links and tags, change the layout, and include different types of content from images to code blocks.


Our editor is incredibly fast, and the generated pages load immediately — that's because they contain nothing else except your content.


No ads, no tracking, no hidden scripts, no cookies — a content page contains only the content itself, with absolutely nothing else.


Our design is minimal and gorgeous — and the generated pages are pure, nice and well-polished, with no weird icons and ads. Ideal for minimalists and perfectionists!


  • Fast, minimal, and powerful text editor
  • No registration needed — start writing immediately instead of spending time filling forms
  • Storage for images associated with your stories
  • Pretty unique and cool content distribution mechanism (check it out here)
  • Advanced syntax highlighting for code blocks
  • Simple and accurate real-time analytics
  • Never lose your data — ability to export all your projects and stories in several formats
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  • All Free features, plus
  • Ability to change fonts and colors
  • Custom domains
  • Real-time statistics
  • Custom CSS
  • Advanced SEO settings
  • Dark theme
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