Indulge in Venice’s Famous Cuisine Aboard a River Cruise in Italy

Venice is famed the world over for its breathtaking vistas, enviable architecture and sparkling lagoon, but it also plays host to a magnificent culinary tradition. A premier destination found on the bucket list of foodies across the globe, the vibrant range of dishes on offer means you won’t have to rely on just pizza and pasta whilst enjoying a river cruise in Italy. From meat dishes to vegetarian delights, sweet treats to fish options, the Venetian diet pays homage to the Italian food heritage from which it is derived.


Food of the sea

Built on the water, seafood is the obvious dish of choice for many Venetians. Whilst kicking back on your river cruise in Italy, therefore, be sure to sample some authentic Italian fish, including the traditional Baccalà Mantecato. This meal dates back to 1431 and an unfortunate encounter between a Venetian ship and a storm. The sailors became stranded upon the island of Roest, where they discovered the stockfish central to the dish, and Baccalà Mantecato was born.

Meaty mains

A long-established main course to try during your river cruise in Italy is Venetian style liver - Fegato alla Veneziana. This exquisite dish is made of calf liver, with stewed and caramelised onions giving it its unique sweet flavour.

Indulge your sweet tooth

Should your river cruise in Italy deliver you to Venice during the famous Carnivale season, you must take the chance to sample fritole, a sweet pastry treat deep fried and dusted in sugar.