Top Gift Ideas for Your Childrens’ Teachers

Teachers can be highly influential to young lives. You may think back to your school years and remember teachers that you loved, and ones that you didn’t get along with so well. It is the best teachers that we tend to remember for years once we leave education, and often remember them being a source of inspiration, support, and quality, engaging lessons.

It is traditional to buy gifts for your child’s favourite teachers to show appreciation for their hard work throughout the school year. Teachers work hard to give our kids the best chances of academic success, and can be a hugely positive influence that helps them to achieve their goals in life beyond school.

There are some gifts that are bordering on cliche, and if you want to avoid this then try to avoid buying the teacher something like a mug because they are probably not going to use it. Instead, these are some of the best gift ideas you can buy for your kid’s teacher this year. There is something for every budget, and in reality you don’t need to spend a lot to find something they will love.

A book

If your kid has a good idea of the kind of books their teacher likes then this is a very valid gift option. Books are something that most teachers will appreciate, especially if it is a topic that aligns with their subject or personal interests. Best of all, they avoid the usual cluttering effects that teachers’ gifts can have. Once they have finished the book they can either display it on their bookshelf, or can swap it with a friend or colleague for another book.

An engraved whistle

A school time classic, every student and teacher knows the sound of the traditional whistle used to signal the end of break times, or to rein in those PE lessons. A whistle engraved with the teacher’s name is a lovely, thoughtful gift for a favourite PE teacher or sports coach, as well as any teacher who is known for their playing field presence. A metal teachers whistle is a lasting present that is also practical, and they are sure to get a lot of use out of their whistle. Not only are they practical and nice to look at, they are also a more unexpected choice and are sure to become a memorable gift.

Personalised stationery

All teachers will use some kind of stationery, such as pens, paper and pencils, so why not treat them to something special and choose personalised stationery as a gift? Again, this is a practical gift choice that is sure to be a hit with their favourite teacher.

Gift cards

Choosing the perfect gift for a teacher can be really tricky. Any teacher will tell you that at the end of the year they seem to have plenty of duplicated presents, as well as enough wine and chocolates to last until the next term! If you want to make sure you are not getting them more of the same then a gift card is a great choice. A gift card to their favourite shop or restaurant means they can choose their own gift, as well as choosing when they want to enjoy it. Something as simple as a gift card to a coffee chain can give them a lovely little treat that they are sure to appreciate.

A gift hamper

If you are really looking to spoil a well loved teacher then you cannot go wrong with a well stocked gift hamper. You can fill a hamper with pretty much anything you like, and for teachers you can make it specific to their profession by filling it with school supplies they will need, as well as a few treats.

There are no rules as to what you can put in your hamper, so feel free to be creative. You could choose a theme, for example, and fill it with related items. For instance, if the teacher loves a particular book or movie then you can choose things related to it. A more classic idea is to fill a hamper with luxury foods and drinks they will be able to enjoy in their downtime.