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Aesthetic sponges are one of the very most frequent aesthetic products that you will come across. You can find two major types of these sponges available in the market: normal and synthetic.

Normal sponges are manufactured from natural components harvested from the sea. They are created to work for quite a while and you can use them over several times.

From their name, artificial sponges are manufactured from manufactured materials. Unlike natural sponges which are designed for regular application, artificial sponges are designed for a single use. You can use them for a number of times, but you have to wash them regularly. You also risk depositing microorganisms on your skin.

Under the organic and synthetic sponge groups there are always a wide range of many other sponges as you are able to get for. The most frequent types are:

Concealer: this is a little sponge that has a tiny wedge form and well suited for mixing the concealer. There are many shapes of concealers as you are able to go for and all you need to do is to choose the the one that is fantastic for you.

Water foundation sponge: it's characterised by way of a big wedge shape that is ideal for applying foundation. When coming up with the obtain you need to obtain a sponge that has a smooth and clean structure and really little pores.

Eye make-up: well suited for applying make-up so that you could have a smoky look. When purchasing the sponge you must obtain a sponge with a company shape that may simply shape your eye makeup.

Pressed dust sponge: it's characterised with a big circular shape. When searching for starters you need to choose one with a circular form since it appears to do an improved job.

  • Makeup removal: this can be a sponge with a large circular shape ฟองน้ำแต่งหน้า very effective in removing makeup. When coming up with the buy you need to go for one with a porous and coarse texture.

For the sponges to work for quite a while and keep their look for extended you will need to take good care of them. One of the very best means of taking care of them is washing them regularly.

As rule of thumb you need to prevent cleaning them with cleaners while they tend to damage them. Additionally you need certainly to store them in dry areas which are without any any makeup.