Queen Diana Death - Driver's Body Trial Was Swapped!

If one were to think the laboratory link between Henri Paul's body trial, then Henri Paul could, at most readily useful have already been incapacitated with an extremely extreme pulsing migraine-like headache, and at worst could have been comatose! In any event,

according to the body taste results produced by the authorities, Henri John would never have already been ready to drive on that nights July 31, 1997, let alone swerve and collide with a pillar following some undeniably pretty skillful operating!

In line with the standard report, Henri Paul's Body Liquor Awareness (BAC) at the time of his death was an astounding 0.30% which can be almost 4 instances within the appropriate limit! (As far as Florida State is concerned a BAC of 0.08%.

makes you as officially unfit to drive.) Such a body liquor stage implies that Henri Paul would have been teetering on the brink of unconsciousness if any such thing, truly he wouldn't have now been in a position to drive an automobile in virtually any way at all.

If one were to turn Henri Paul's supposed body liquor levels into the amount of products he'd have had to imbibe to attain these degrees this is the way it would look:

That quantity of beverages amply illustrates that Henri Paul wouldn't have been able to talk coherently, walk, aside from get! If the blood trial accredited to Henri Henry was actually his...HENRI PAUL WOULD HAVE BEEN STUMBLING, RAVING, ROLLING DRUNK!

Before I undertake the rather exciting problem of how harmful quantities of carbon monoxide were introduced into Henri Paul's blood it is interesting to notice that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning coincidentally is the most frequent kind of fatal poisoning in France! (The significance of this can become clear later on).

The levels of carbon monoxide found in Henri Paul's supposed body taste was in excess of 2,000 PPM (parts per million) or 0.20%. With such blood levels Henri Paul could have experienced an agonizing stunning frustration, dizziness, vomiting and would have been dead within 1.5 hours from original introduction.

Definitely it really is stretching the bounds of belief (suspended or otherwise) that a human being could possibly function generally (or what seemed regular to everybody) with this type of dangerous amount of carbon monoxide within their bloodstream!

Some dedicated advocates for the incident circumstance may postulate that the carbon monoxide experienced Henri John as a result of the idling Mercedes engine within the confines of the Place d'Alma tunnel. Well, if which were the case then Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana could have exhibited equally hazardous levels of carbon monoxide.

But suppose what...surprise...surprise, they didn't. In any case the tunnel was way too large and effectively ventilated for anybody to accumulate this kind of life-threatening amount of CO (carbon monoxide) whether they'n been there for hours with a running engine.

Furthermore even if one were to follow the CO intoxication from the fatigue of the idling motor of the wrecked Mercedes position, this 性病検査キット採血痛い of circumstance would nevertheless be difficult for the easy proven fact that Henri Henry was killed on affect! I suppose a broken neck can do that!

Therefore now the problem remains, and it truly is THE ONLY QUESTION, how could that carbon monoxide have gotten in to Henri Paul's expected posthumous blood taste? Very often the treatment for a puzzle is the simplest and most apparent and in this case it comes down seriously to the inescapable fact that:

Probably the most apparent stage to show beyond a shadow-of -doubt perhaps the blood taste belonged to Henri John or not could have been to perform a DNA test; but obviously this is never done and obviously you will find number remnants of the body samples in question. Therefore legally there's absolutely no schedule on which these samples could be caused by Henri John!