Marks - Home Remedies for Scars 

Acne injuries the skin, and one of the side effects of the skin's normal healing process, is scarring. Acne causes the follicles to fall, and skin attempts to repair the damage by developing new collagen fibers. When insufficient new dermal structure is done, or a lot of collagen is produced, then acne scarring follows.

Also, scarred tissues happen when the acne is banned to recover naturally. If the pimples are jumped, or squeezed, this damages skin, and scarring occurs. Very importantly as properly, the scabs on acne shouldn't be picked at,

because they are there to protect the healing method that is planning on under the skin, and taking a scab off before it is prepared, interferes with the remodelling and therapeutic method, and only prolongs the healing time.

Ice pick scars are generally on the แผลเป็น and nose, are heavy and irregular, and with unusual edges. Elongated depressions in the outer lining of the skin are referred to as boxcar scars. They are frequently shallow and cover more place compared to ice selections marks, and tend to be on the cheeks, temple, in addition to other areas of the body.

Avoid vigorous scrubbing or severe epidermis maintenance systems, as these will more than likely damage your skin, creating inflammation, leading to scarring.

When the restoration process works too much, and produces a lot of collagen materials, keloid scars occur. Due to the raised scar tissue formation, the skin assumes on a lumpy appearance. These keloid marks are generally on the face, and very often on the trunk, particularly in men.