Crystals - Often Asked Questions

This was such a innovative creation so it transformed the glass cutting business forever. His equipment could reduce glass and crystal with a whole lot more detail and at higher speed than the manually chopping method.

The Perfection of Crystal Chopping

Following the technology of the electrically driven chopping engineering, Daniel Swarovski didn't stop inventing. He started a factory wherever he constantly improved the cutting but where he also acquired the making of sleek, high lead-content crystal.

His jewelery rocks created him the number one supplier of the style market in Paris. All of the famous couturiers applied his reduce gem stones and Swarovski became an recognized brand.

The Swarovski organization never stopped developing new methods making better crystal and new methods just how to reduce crystal better. Naturally that they are today still the no.1 crystal cutting business in the world.

The First Cut Crystal Figurine

It is not so sometime ago, actually in 1976, that the first commercial cut crystal figurine was created and, again, this one was created by the Swarovski company.

In 1976 the winter Olympics were presented in Innsbruck in Austria, maybe not much far from the Swarovski factories (Wattens, Austria). Swarovski designer Max Schreck built a mouse out of reduce crystal rocks and it turned a most readily useful supplier through the activities, just after it absolutely was released into the market.

The key reason why it took therefore long before the initial reduce crystal figurine found the sunshine is because there is, till the beginning of the seventies, no stuff which may stuff the rocks together. The stick is just a option of an acrylate which hardens out to a definite fat material under UV-radiation. That kind of Chemistry only created following WWII.

The smaller variation of the original mouse remains accessible and is sold under the name 'reproduction mouse' ;.The imitation mouse is one of many anymore. The number of reduce gem Swarovski figurines remains rising and the wonderful cut crystal figurines reflect themes from the planet of flora and fauna, childhood thoughts, Christmas subjects and more.

Popular Brands for Cut Crystal Figurines

The absolute most famous model is, without any uncertainty, Swarovski. There's an entire military of collectors of about 325,000 folks who are a member of the Swarovski Crystal Society. Being fully a member of the biggest lovers best reggae songs on the planet makes it possible to purchase restricted editions. The confined versions are specific models which are stated in restricted quantities only.

Several companies have began creating cut gem figurines following Swarovski began making use of their collection. And many of them have stopped after having a while.

Creating cut gem figurines is not merely sticking some stones together. The companies who survived over the last four decades and who still produce cut crystal figurines are the companies who set lots of energy in style and quality.