European Painting - Bay Area Figurative Movement - An Exponent of National Abstract Expressionism 

Human determine art is one of the very challenging types, precisely since we all have an operating understanding of what a human seems like. If it looks inappropriate, then it probably is wrong, because that's how we stay our everyday lives, by our first impressions.

And that is never more the situation than once we are considering other people, be it personally or using a photo or painting. Therefore there's little or no space for problem in figurative art. Therein lies the lure and the task of working on individual figure paintings.

We're attracted by the challenge; all artists undertake the human determine at some stage of their professions, and many give up. Not as they are incapable, but mostly since they're perhaps not individual figure artists.

Individual determine musicians or figurative artists because they are frequently known certainly are a breed unto themselves. Never happy, always trying to find that present or gesture or search that will epiphanise a typical daily scene.

(Just view that German film 'The Beautiful Troublemaker'). One painting might make them; luckily for us those elusive works, are rarer and rarer to come by in a modern setting.

The reason why I say luckily is because, in the event that you haven't presently recognized, we are all continually inundated by a range of pictures every day, each day, all day. It's the world we stay in. We have tv, DVDs, pcs, blackberries al infinitum, photos coming at us out of every imaginable perspective, making it increasingly difficult to be alone with your thoughts.

And all great artwork can just only appear from the host to aloneness. The genesis of a great painting may be born years previously. In the human determine sphere, it could be something somebody did, or said or the way they said it that hit a chord on some level, and then these thoughts were left to sleep, gestating, only to be reborn again underneath the appropriate conditions.

Needless to say countless diamond painting paintings are left to die in the depths of your head, however, many do arise and amongst those maybe one or two might be price keeping. The best kinds arrive once the inner critic is silenced and censorship is cast to the wind. Then, when the painting is total the battle of assurance begins and the long rise to self-belief in the task,

no matter what the external critics toss at you. I'michael thinking of the task of Francis Cash as I create that, the engaging and sustained, often disturbing pictures he produced and you'd prosper to test out.

There are a large amount of good individual determine musicians out there. The great ones always put anything a new comer to the human conversation with it self, and give you looking at the entire world and the people inside it only a little differently each time.