Activity Movies You Need to View Again

The Weapons of Navarone (1961)-from the basic Alistair MacLean novel. A team of World War II commandos is given to ruin a good Nazi gun emplacement that has been tragedy Allied boats in the Aegean Sea. The surface of the listing of their genre.

The German Work (2003)-a high-energy, fun caper flick about a gold robbery removed wrong.

The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)-Clint at his most readily useful whilst the eponymous Josey Wales, a post-Civil War Missouri farmer pushed to get retribution for the kill of his partner and daughter by pro-Union Jayhawkers. Pushed to flee west, he gathers a varied new "family" around him while battling his pursuers. Exemplary movie!

The Stone (1996)-when a force of rogue Marines commandeer Alcatraz Island to hold the city of San Francisco ransom with rockets filled up with VX nerve gasoline, FBI chemical tools consultant Dr. Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) and ex-Alcatraz inmate Steve Builder (Sean Connery) team up to stop them. The automobile chase through the streets of San Francisco is a classic!

The Transporter (2002)-the firstly the franchise, featuring the common Jason Statham as Joe Martin, a mysterious person who'll transfer any such thing, everywhere, generally punctually, with no issues called for a large fee.

Timecop (1994)-Jean-Claude Van Damme as authorities officer/U.S. Federal representative who trips through time for you to end different tourists from choosing crimes in the past. Really fascinating movie-fun to watch.

Under Siege (1992)-Steven Seagal as former Navy SEAL Casey Ryback who single-handedly rescues a battleship from terrorists. Garey Busey and Tommy Lee Jones are ideal psychopaths. Plus Playboy Playmate Erika Eleniak gets out of a meal لیست فیلم های اکشن خارجی . This is one exemplary activity flick!

Black Territory (1995)-almost just like the original. This time around Ryback goes against terrorists on a train. A must-see ultimate act.

Unforgiven (1992)-Clint at his best again. Ageing gunman and outlaw William Munny (Clint), now an unsuccessful pig farmer, decides to get the prize for killing two boys who disfigured a prostitute in Major Rum,

Wyoming. Gene Hackman is excellent as Small Statement Daggett, the neighborhood owner of the peace and David Webb People's program is drum-tight. The movie gained four School Awards, including Most useful Director for Clint. Plenty of violence, but a must-see.

Wherever Eagles Challenge (1968)-a Earth Conflict II actioner from the pen of Alistair MacLean, glancing Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. As usual with a MacLean plot, it's hard to green down who's who or what's what as double- and triple-crosses abound. Clint as Army Ranger Lieutenant Morris Schaffer mows down half the German army.