Setup Instructions for Linksys Range Extenders

The setup of a Linksys extender is very simple. It is so simple that no additional effort is required. All Linksys range extenders will be discussed. Get the default login on to access the Linksys WiFi extender setup page depending on the model number.

After connecting to the Linksys Wifi extender , go to the setup page and log in with the default credentials.

• You've hooked your extender into the wall outlet.

• Use an Ethernet wire to connect your extender to your computer.

• In your web browser's address bar, type or For all Linksys Wireless range extenders, this is the default address.

Now go to your Linksys Range extender's setp page and enter the name of your range extender. After that, add the same SSID number from your router or access point, and then click the Save button when you're finished.

If you have any problems, we are ready to assist you via Live Chat.

The factory default configuration for Linksys Range Extender

• If you're experiencing problems configuring the range extenders, use the factory defaults. This could occur due to a multitude of factors.

• If you're experiencing any sporadic connectivity.

• If you're having difficulty installing the range extender using the setup programs.

• If you can't get into your range extender's settings.

• If the LED doesn't flicker.

So, if you need to reset your extender to factory settings for whatever reason, create a backup of your extender's device configuration and restore it to prevent the configuration process.

• The setup page is available online.

• Select Backup Configuration from the Management tab.

• After that, save all of your settings.

Another option is to press and hold the range extender button for a few seconds, which will put it in reset mode.

Restore the factory settings, then unplug the Linksys range extender and leave it off for a few seconds to complete the configuration procedure. Then plug it in again.

If you get stuck at any stage during the procedure, contact us for assistance in resolving Linksys Extender setup and other Linksys setup issues. We're only a phone call away from resolving the problem.

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