Goperya vs. Asiancockfighting: Where to play sabong online

Asiancockfighting or Goperya. Which is better?

Among the newest digital creations, online sabong, a form of live cockfighting that has been a traditional sport for over 6,000 years, has transitioned into the digital era with websites like GoPerya and Asiancockfighting. This evolution makes it possible to play on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, allowing game lovers to play virtually anywhere.

These platforms respond to a growing demand for digital entertainment and help face the challenges posed by physical distance and limitations on public gatherings. While these sites enrich the cultural experience of cockfighting with the convenience of online access, they also consider the legal aspects and encourage responsible gambling.

The Perks Of ‘Goperya’

GoPerya offers an innovative platform where users can feel the excitement of traditional Filipino carnival games, known as perya games, through a digital space. The site is very user-friendly.

Users benefit from a straightforward deposit system on GoPerya, which simplifies the process of funding their accounts to participate in games. With this hassle-free transaction method, they can dive into the action of their favorite games quicker.

Adapting to the online reality, GoPerya maintains the vibrant atmosphere of a physical perya. Users are treated to a variety of popular carnival games, updated and designed to work seamlessly in the online environment, giving them a traditional yet modern gaming experience.

Special Features

  • The first-ever online perya website in the Philippines.
  • Offers a convenient way of playing traditional Perya games with access to a gadget or mobile.
  • A wide variety of games such as High-Low, Color Game, Coin-Flip, Sharks Billiards, ML Arena, and much more.
  • Direct cash-in and cash-out through the website.
  • Minimum bet as low as PISO and deposit/withdrawal as low as SAMPUNG PISO.
  • Weekly free bonuses to active players.

The Perks Of ‘Asiancockfighting’

The main advantage of Asiancockfighting is the seamless experience it provides to its users. For enthusiasts of the game, the ease of access is a significant benefit, as the platform is designed to be fully compatible with various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that users can engage in gameplay from virtually anywhere, without any special device requirements. Moreover, bonus credits are an enticing perk for both new and returning players, offering additional value on their gaming journey.

In summary, the Asiancockfighting site offers a consistent, secure, and well-rounded online gaming experience, securing its position as a preferred choice for enthusiasts around the globe.

Special Features

  • Easy registration process.
  • Focus on Live Content.
  • Customer security and fraud detection.
  • Streamlined deposit and withdrawal processes.

Is Sabong Legal

In the Philippines, sabong, or cockfighting, has been a traditional pastime and is deeply rooted in Filipino culture. The legal status of sabong is subject to the country's gambling laws and regulations.

Traditionally, sabong was allowed in licensed cockpits on specific days. However, online gaming has introduced e-sabong—a digital form of cockfighting. Legislation has been passed to manage this new creation. For instance, House Bill 8910 aims to regulate these activities by combining previous gambling legislation.

During the pandemic, e-sabong gained popularity as physical gatherings were restricted. Lawmakers took significant interest in regulating online sabong to ensure it followed the legal framework within the Philippines.

However, the landscape changed when a ban on e-sabong was implemented, making continued operations illegal as highlighted by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Entities offering e-sabong without proper authorization are subject to arrest and legal action.

The current state of sabong legal status in the Philippines is as follows:

  • Traditional sabong: Legal at licensed venues on designated days.
  • E-sabong: Legal with government accreditation.
  • Unauthorized e-sabong: Illegal and subject to legal consequences.

How To Bet On Sabong

Sabong betting, also known as cockfighting betting, has entered the online world, where platforms like Go Perya have made it possible for enthusiasts to place their bets online. To start betting on Sabong, the player must create an account on websites offering this service. Following this, players need to cash-in funds to make transactions. In the Philippines, GCash is widely used for such transactions due to its convenience.

  • Cash-In: Players can transfer money into their betting accounts using various methods. GCash is particularly popular for its efficiency.
  • Cash-Out: Winning bets means players will want to withdraw their earnings. This is done through the 'cash-out' feature, typically available directly within the platform.

The minimum bet is usually specified by the site, and it can be in the local currency, often in Philippine pesos. Understanding the odds given for each cockfight is very important for betting. It informs bettors how much they can win relative to their stake.



Account Creation

Register on a betting platform.


Use GCash to load your account.


Choose a rooster and place your bet considering the odds.


Withdraw winnings through a cash-out feature.

Betting platforms may offer bonus credits to new users or as promotions. These bonuses may be used to place bets, subject to the terms and conditions of the betting platform.

When betting on Sabong, it's important to do so responsibly, never betting more than you can afford to lose. Online betting should be treated as entertainment rather than a guaranteed income stream.


In the world of Filipino gaming culture, both GoPerya and Asian Cockfighting have made a significant impact. These platforms have transferred the traditional peryas and sabong into the digital world, attracting both spectators and enthusiasts.

  • GoPerya has been successful in revolutionizing online perya games, making them available to a broader audience. It offers a variety of games beyond cockfighting, appealing to a diverse range of players.
  • Asian Cockfighting, on the other hand, focuses more on the cultural aspect of sabong, preserving this aspect of Filipino heritage while also allowing breeders to showcase their roosters.

Both platforms allow gambling with relatively low entry barriers, as bets can start from ₱1, thus expanding their reach among the gambling community. The odds favor neither party excessively, guaranteeing fairness in the system.

These online destinations have opened up opportunities for people to participate in these games from the comfort of their homes. They allow the traditional games to live on, while adapting to modern technological trends. However, these platforms must operate within the legal and ethical boundaries set by the authorities to ensure a responsible gaming environment for all participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to log in to the Go Perya platform?

To log in to the GoPerya platform, users need to go to the official GoPerya website, enter their username and password in the provided fields, then click the login button to access their account and play games.

Is the Asiancockfighting app considered a legitimate platform for betting?

The legitimacy of an Asiancockfighting app depends on local regulations and the app's adherence to gambling laws. Users should verify the platform’s credibility and legality within their jurisdiction before engaging in betting activities.

How frequently does the Asiancockfighting app receive updates?

Update schedules for Asian cockfighting apps may vary, but developers typically release updates regularly to improve user experience, introduce new features, or address any technical issues.

What are the latest results of Asiancockfighting events?

For the latest results of Asian cockfighting events, enthusiasts should check the official platforms or apps where these events are streamed or posted, as updates are typically provided after every match.