What To Consider When Choosing Removals Bristol Companies

If you need to move your belongings, there are many removals Bristol companies who can help. But how do you choose the best one for your needs? There is no set formula, and it will depend on what type of service (or combination) suits your requirements. A company that offers only packing services but not transport may be cheaper than a company which provides both. In contrast, a specialist antique mover might offer better rates for this particular type of move. You should also consider whether they offer storage facilities or if their charges cover all aspects of the process from start to finish. The going rate for removals Bristol companies will vary by size, location and time spent on the job, so it pays to shop around before committing to a firm.

Take time

Finding a suitable date may take a few weeks, and obtaining a quote might take a few more weeks, so plan ahead of time. Remember that many removals Bristol companies have lengthy waiting periods, so schedule your search for one as early as possible.


It's vital to verify that the Bristol removals companies you contact are members of The British Association of Removers or The National Guild of Removers and Storers, which are organizations dedicated to advancing both removal businesses and consumers in the field. They establish standards and a code of conduct for their members so that you can be confident in their professionalism and behaviour at all times.


The finest way to pick a removal firm is based on a friend or family member's recommendation. If you can be certain of their performance with prior clients, this removes much of the uncertainty surrounding service expectations. If you can't get an endorsement, trust your instincts and select the one that has shown professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness during your interactions.

If they are more expensive, see if they can negotiate a cheaper rate for you. Above all, make sure you have a positive rapport with your Bristol removals company. This is important because you'll be entrusting them with your worldly possessions, as well as your home.

Shop around

When it comes to selecting a house removals Bristol company, there's no need to be picky. After all, these are new people with whom you'll be entrusting the safe transport of your worldly goods. Call or pay a visit to several different removal firms to see who you prefer. Don't be hesitant to go with your gut feeling. There will, of course, be a variety of other elements to consider, such as availability, pricing, and proximity. Still, if you're working with a firm you like and trust, things will go smoothly.


It's critical that you feel at ease with the team moving your valuables because they'll be handling them after all. A staff uniform may indicate a higher-quality service and help you quickly identify trusted members of the crew. On the day, a calm and courteous removal crew with lots of expertise will lessen tension and reassure you that your job is on track.

Extra services

It's worth finding out if the house removals Bristol company offers anything extra along with the basic move from home to home. Do they provide household transfers, or do they also provide business or office relocation services? The Removal Service, for example, provides a variety of packing solutions, ranging from Bronze, in which the firm only provides you with boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, to Gold, which includes packing materials and assembly. Several removal firms also provide storage if you're downsizing your home or require a secure location to store office equipment.

Successful track record

There's something to be said for assisting a start-up. Still, if you're looking for a moving company with at least several years of experience, it's usually the way to go. Based on what you discover online, you should have a general sense of their track record when it comes to being on time, keeping costs reasonable, and maintaining your contract specifications. If they have a good track record, this should easily relieve your fears about the move.

Beware of rogue movers

Millions of people relocate every year. While only a small percentage are victims of moving company fraud, it's not unusual. Check for an active license, look up their service records, and make sure they have a real physical address (and not just a P.O. box). It would be best if you also were wary of any mover who asks for a large, upfront payment. If you hire a new company and ask for money in advance, it's likely not to be a quality removal service.

The right removals Bristol company can make your move as smooth and easy as possible. You want to find a reliable service, has an excellent track record, offers extra services (such as storage), and provides you with the necessary equipment for moving day. It's also important to trust the people handling your things on the other end of this process. Ultimately, it's worth investing in quality movers even if they're more expensive because good customer service leads to repeat customers.