5 Reasons People Emotionally Abuse Others

It is a fact that we are surrounded by different kinds of people and we can’t get away from them. They are the people who live around us and we need to interact with them. We need to spend time with them and learn different things from them.

But we don’t need to tolerate any kind of abuse by anyone, says a female psychiatrist in Bhopal. Everyone has his own emotions and everyone has right to express it. If you are the one who is experiencing emotional abuse then you are not alone. According to a study, about 1 out of every 7 women in the United States is affected by emotional abuse.

The reasons why someone emotionally abuses others are as follows:

1. They have low self-esteem

If you are not confident enough then it is very easy for you to experience emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is a type of abuse where the abuser targets the victim and makes him or her feel inferior.

2. They are angry and frustrated

If you are angry and frustrated then you are at a risk of abusing others. Anger and frustration are the major reasons behind emotional abuse.

3. They have low self-control

If you are not able to control your emotions then you are likely to experience emotional abuse.

4. They have a mental illness

Mental illnesses are some of the biggest causes of emotional abuse.

5. They are depressed

If you are feeling down and you are having a bad mood, then you are likely to commit emotional abuse.

6. They have poor interpersonal skills

If you are not good in communicating then it is highly possible that you will experience emotional abuse.

7. They have a personality disorder

People with personality disorders tend to become victims of emotional abuse.

8. They have poor self-awareness

If you are not able to understand your feelings and behavior then you are more likely to experience emotional abuse.

9. They are suffering from substance abuse

Substance abuse is a major cause of emotional abuse.

10. They have poor impulse control

Impulse control is the ability to control one’s actions. If you have a problem with controlling your actions then it is possible that you will experience emotional abuse.


All the above mentioned points are very common and you will find them everywhere. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned points then you are most likely to be abused. If you are going through emotional abuse then you need to get help from a female psychiatrist in Bhopal immediately. There are various ways that can help you get rid of emotional abuse.