How to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Walls

Tiles are one of the most popular forms of wall finishing that are in use today. The choice of tile can dramatically change the appearance and ambiance of the commercial space, a kitchen or bathroom and make them both functional and stylish. Tiles are a popular choice for walls. Their durability, low maintenance needs, variety of styles and colors, and easy installation make them an attractive alternative to more traditional wall coverings such as vinyl or paint. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a popular choice for walls. Following are some of the types of tiles that can be used as wall tiles.

  • Ceramic Tiles- These are used extensively for wall decor. Ceramic tiles have been a favorite among people who want to give a new look to their home or office interior. These tiles are very versatile and come in a wide range of colors and styles. They do not absorb water, which accounts for their immense popularity.
  • Porcelain tiles- Porcelain tiles are one of the most common types of tiles used for walls. Porcelaintiles have typically been used for flooring rather than walls but they have become increasingly popular over the past decade due to their hard-wearing nature and their ability to create a unique look to your commercial space.
  • Vitrified tiles- Vitrified tiles come in numerous colors and designs which make them a favorite choice among common people as well as architects. These tiles are durable and resistant to scratches, acid spillage or stains.
  • Stoneware tiles- Stone wall tiles are available in many designs. With these wall tiles, you can make the look as natural or customized as you wish to. Stone tiles are the best way to bring your own creative touch to the exterior of your house. It brings a unique,natural and rustic look to your commercial space.
  • Quarry tiles- These tiles are unglazed tiles that are greatfor indoor as well as outdoor use. They are mostly used for flooring purposes,but can also be used for thewalls to give them a natural and rough appearance.

How to Pick the Right Tiles for Your Commercial Area

  • For Bathrooms: For bathrooms, ceramic tiles are the preferred option. Both glazed and polished ceramic tiles are good for your bathroom walls. These tiles contain a protective layer that rests over the tiles. This makes the ceramic tile impervious tostains, as well as water penetration. Aside from that, ceramic tiles can also with stand high levels of humidity.
  • For lounge / reception/ common area: For the lounge area or common area in your commercial space, you can choose from any type of tiles ranging from ceramic tiles to natural stone tiles. You can also use textured or designer tiles that match the aesthetics of your building. These tiles help to add warmth and character to your walls.
  • For commercial kitchens: Porcelain or ceramic tiles can be used for kitchen walls. It is important to use stain-resistant and moisture-resistant tiles because the backsplash tends to get dirty easily. It is also important to choose tiles that can be cleaned easily.

Tiles have become one of the leading materials used in residential and commercial décor over the past few decades. From kitchens and bathrooms to entry ways, backsplash, and even out-of-the-way patio areas, tiles are popularly used. Tiles are more durable than paints and wallpapers,and arean affordable and durable way to keep your walls clean and beautiful.

Tiles are available in a number of colors including natural shades such as white, black, beige, brown and grey as well as bright colours like yellow, red and green. So, you can choose whichever colors or patterns that blend with the overall appearance of your commercial space. Casalgrande Padana tiles NYC are a popular choice that are available in a versatile range.