Benefits of Using Unarmed Security Guards

If you run a company or a business, it is imperative to have good security. With security services, you can protect your property and assets from theft and other criminal activity. Hiring security guards can be at the top of your list to ensure the safety of your property and employees.

Why unarmed security could be your best option

Hiring security guards is an effective way to protect your goods. You can keep your employees and clients safe with proper security. The big question is whether to use armed or unarmed security.

Armed security may be a good solution depending on the business you run. However, there are important benefits to unarmed security to consider:


Hiring armed security personnel costs more money because they are licensed and trained to carry firearms. Armed security personnel have specialized skills; thus, the cost per hour to hire armed men is more. The risk of killing or injuring a person on your premises is high, especially if a shoot-out occurs.

To hire armed security guards, you have to pay insurance. Invest in unarmed security guard services if your business is a small one.

It gives a sense of safety

To create a comfortable environment, ensure that your employees and clients feel at ease. Hiring armed security guards can create fear. If guards are always with visible firearms, it can send the wrong message of your premises being dangerous. It may cause people to feel threatened and nervous even with a low level of criminal activity. Therefore, hiring security from unarmed security guard services is a good way to create a comfortable environment where customers and workers can be free and communicate well.

Effective protection

If your business is at risk of being a target of armed robbers, armed guards may be vital. However, if your business does not operate in a high-risk environment, unarmed personnel will be equally successful in preventing theft and vandalism. Unarmed guards’ training is rigorous and must be completed at a state-approved facility. In addition, an unarmed guard also has the power to make a citizen’s arrest. Moreover, if a threat arises that unarmed guards cannot handle, the police or armed guards will assist. Even though they don’t carry weapons, unarmed personnel have the necessary skills and expertise to resolve conflict and keep your business safe.

Lower risk

Even if armed security guards are trained, the risk that someone might be shot always exists. There is also the danger that a perpetrator might get hold of the guard’s weapon and open fire on your employees or clients. In the unfortunate event that someone gets hurt or dies due to a shooting, you will be held liable as a business owner. Unarmed personnel can offer the same protection for your business without the risk of violence.

In the end, you need to balance making everyone feel safe and preventing violent conflict. Armed security guards may be necessary in some cases. However, unarmed guards can offer the same protection in most cases and other benefits.