Plug Valve Features and Benefits

Specialityvalve is a driving Plug valve manufacturer in India. It's an obvious fact that we are one of the quickest developing Plug Valve Manufacturers around For liquid and gas stream the executives, a plug valve is utilized in the design. For instance, in India, homegrown gaseous petrol pipelines utilize a very much greased-up plug valve that we produce.

Plug Valves are another item from Specialityvalve. They give positive release tight shut-off, high stream limit, and fast quarter-turn activity in a little For every single working strain, the progressive victory safe seat configuration gives solid fixing innovation. The plug configuration accommodates forward stream choking notwithstanding on/off activation.

For media similarity and execution across a wide temperature range, an assortment of the valve seat and seal materials can be chosen. With the assistance of rings, the strain-adjusted environmental seals can be made to work better.


  • Protected victory safe seat plan
  • Quarter-turn activity
  • Dependable basic plan
  • Straight-through stream
  • Hardened steel and metal development
  • Nitrile, ethylene propylene, fluorocarbon, and exceptionally fluorinated fluorocarbon elastic seats and seals
  • Low working force
  • Least tension drop
  • Choking ability
  • Positive handle stops
  • Simple to support
  • 100 percent production line tried
  • Choices incorporate lock-out gadgets, downstream venting, and both treated steel and T-bar handle
  • Straight-through stream way
  • Forward-stream choking
  • Straightforward plan, simple to clean and keep up with
  • One-piece body
  • Replaceable plug get together
  • O-ring seal to climate.

We provide a wide variety of plug valves to customers :

  • Greased up Plug valve
  • Non-Lubricated Plug valve
  • Jacketed Plug valve
  • Capricious Plug valve
  • Twin Seal Plug valve
  • Lift Plug valve
  • Circle Plug valve

Benefits of Plug valve:

  • The upsides of a plug valve incorporate its straightforward plan and fewer parts.
  • It very well may be opened and shut rapidly.
  • This valve gives a minimal measure of stream opposition.
  • The utilization of multi-port plans lessens the number of valves required and considers a shift in stream course.
  • It gives trustworthy, release-free help.
  • They are easy to clean and should be possible without eliminating the body from the channeling framework.

Use of Plug valve:

  • indeed, even in low-vacuum frameworks for directional stream control
  • for the protected and effective treatment of gas and fluid fuel
  • for the protected treatment of high-temperature liquids, for example, evaporator feed water, condensate, and other comparable components
  • to control the progression of fluids containing suspended solids, like slurries

Aira Euro Automation is the leading valve manufacturer in India. They have a wide range of industrial valves like ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, control valves, and many more.

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