Update #4: YouTube and Twitter blocks, weekly subscriptions, and faster pages

One more week, and one more amazing Telescope update! Today we're going to focus on three new beautiful features Telescope has just got.

#1. Weekly notifications

The ability to subscribe to weekly notifications was there since the initial release of Telescope, but subscribing and receiving the actual newsletter are two different things.

Tomorrow we will finally start sending the weekly newsletter for those who decided to get notifications from Telescope only once per week. It took a while to make it work properly and efficiently, and it also took some time to make the newsletter look nice.

This newsletter you will receive tomorrow will include all the new stories from every blog or project you've subscribed to. This is how it's going to look like:

Of course, our dear Telegram subscribers will also receive the digest but in a plain text format. By the way, about 27.5% of all Telescope subscribers use Telegram to receive the notifications from their favourite blogs.

#2. Telescope is becoming faster!

One of the ideas behind Telescope is to be as fast as possible. We do almost nothing else except showing your static content, and there is no reason for your pages to load non-instantly.

During the last days, we worked hard optimizing the website, and now we get about 100 from Google PageSpeed. Everything is still not ideal on mobile devices, but it's a good step forward anyway. Compare it with other publishing platforms!

Those of you who want to go further can now disable any custom fonts on your pages and enjoy the default serif and sans-serif fonts (they will be different depending on a platform). However, getting rid of custom fonts will undoubtedly make your pages faster.

The ability to change fonts is available only for Pro customers.

#3. Tweets and videos on your content pages

Ok, here is best way to demonstrate it:

Yep, you got it right — you can now include tweets and even YouTube videos to your content pages. By the way, Telescope highly recommends you to read the Twitter thread above to get some insight about how the platform is going to evolve.

Have a beautiful weekend and see you next week!