Update #3: Statistics, settings page, increased font size, and hundreds of bugfixes!

The new Telescope update brings everything you asked for and even more — Telescope became more stable, more secure and more beautiful. Here are the details.

#1. Extended stats

This is one of the most important updates so far — Telescope has finally introduced extended stats for your stories. The feature is currently in beta, and some things are still missing. For example, there is no information about where your visitors come from, but I'm also going to introduce it in the upcoming update. And yes, there will be an option to export all the stats in different formats.

Extended statistics is going to be a premium feature, and it will be available only for Pro customers. You can test it for free only until the 19th of August.

#2. Increased font size and the ability to change a layout

I made some important tweaks to layouts and templates. Now everything looks way more polished, and the font size has been increased, too.

It also became possible to change the layout of your project, and Telescope now provide several nice options for free. For example, this is how your blog can look like since now:

#3. Settings page

Several people told me that the way logins, passwords, and all these things work is a bit weird, so I found it very important to fix all these mechanisms.

Since today, you can control all the account-related things on a dedicated Settings page. It has only two (three?) options now, but will for sure be extended with more ways to modify and secure your account in the future.

#4. Bugfixes!

Of course, Telescope is not entirely bug-free, and it also means I dedicate some time to testing and bugfixing. This update introduces some fixes to security, context menu positioning, pro page and the way all things look and feel.

If you know something about any bugs and issues, please, let me know as soon as possible. You can always do it by tweeting to @telescope_ac or writing to hi@telescope.ac

What's next?

Next week's update will bring some awesome editor changes (including the ability to add videos to your content, yay!), weekly subscriptions, and some important preparations for third party domain names. Subscribe to this blog to stay tuned and be among the first to know the details!