The New Editor, improved visual styles, and more!

The update Telescope rolled out today is one of the most important and most significant, and this newsletter will explain in details why it is so important.

1. The New Editor

Our previous editor was nice, and almost everybody loved it.

This editor was built on a library that‘s in beta now, which means everything was a little buggy. Of course, one of the options, in this case, is to help open source developers of the library to fix bugs, but I felt that it’s a bad investment of the precious time.

So since now, Telescope uses an entirely different technological foundation, the more stable one. It doesn’t mean our editor immediately became better, and I know there are several bugs. However, the new library also allowed to add several cool features you asked for.

Android support 🍾

Yes, Telescope now works on your Android device. Hooray! Some features can still be missing, but you can use most of them without any issues. Just one thing you have to know — Android/iOS support is still in beta, so let us know if something works not the way you expect.

Third-party extensions support

For example, Telescope now supports Grammarly! But not only Grammarly — if you have any browser extension that helps you dealing with texts since now you can use it in Telescope!

Link editing

No more need to delete and re-create links — Telescope now fully supports link editing. I also worked hard on improving the way creating and modifying links work in general, and I hope you will like all the improvements I made.


I have to say that — the platform works faster now. It saves your texts faster, it loads them faster, and even typing seems to work better now. Go and check it out!

Coming soon: Markdown support!

I can imagine that editing texts on mobile devices can be rather tricky. That’s why one more fantastic feature will be available in the next days — it will become possible to use Markdown. It‘s great news for those who love Markdown and for those who want to be able to create headers and lists on mobile devices. No more need to deal with any floating menus and non-existent key combinations!

2. The new (awesome!) visual style

Have you noticed that? We started caring more about our style, and the way Telescope feels. It should be lightweight in every sense — and that’s why we have an updated color palette and an updated look. Our signature color scheme called “Telescope Light” got upgraded, too.

The next step is to update all pages and add several more blocks to the landing page. Oh, by the way:

3. Landing page got a new look

Have you noticed how beautiful our landing page has become? It’s not finished yet, and there will be more improvements coming, but you can already imagine how shiny it will look soon.

4. Animations!

I love how the context menus animations look, and I encourage you to open the Telescope Editor and check it out. Aren’t they beautiful?

More cool animations were added here and there, but the idea was to make them short and lightweight — nothing should be distracting you from writing.

5. Bugfixes, as always

Dozens of them! Scrolling in editor works fine now, context menus work faster and support proper positioning, code block highlighting got better, and we also started transforming quotation marks automatically. The next important step is to improve login/logout, and it will also be done in the next few days.

What’s next?

More amazing features! Tags and categories, picture positioning, editor improvements, and more. Subscribe to our news to stay tuned!