Telescope 2.0

It’s finally here. It includes a new excellent content editor, content categories, a bunch of new styles and ways of customizing your content, and an updated pricing model for Pro customers. Let’s talk about all these fantastic updates in detail.


The new editor

This is something we’ve been constantly improving — it’s weird to imagine how bad the first Telescope Editor was and how nice it has become. The current version of Telescope Editor is fast, it features much better navigation (+ breadcrumbs on mobile devices!), it supports shortcuts and basic markdown (try to start a line with “#”!), and it allows you to add a bunch of different types of content — any images, code blocks with syntax formatting, tweets and YouTube videos.

Customization done better

The first version of Telescope contained several predefined themes, and users were allowed to choose between them, but they had no option to change colors or update any of the elements using CSS. Now the predefined themes are gone — and you can finally change any color, set any header image, and even set your styles manually.

You can also change how posts are getting displayed. With Telescope 2.0, we are introducing a concept of ”layout styles” and there are currently two layout styles available — ”cards” and ”simple list.” Both are available for all Telescope users.

Layout styles will certainly become better and bigger, and choosing a prefered layout style will become easier in the future. The idea is to give users more and more options and allow them to tweak many things to make their blogs truly unique.

Content categories

Telescope 2.0 also allows you to add categories to your blog. Categories are designed to group your content and transform your small cozy blog into something much bigger. Categories can easily make your blog feel more like a serious content-focused website, and there are plans to make them work even better.

Smaller things

We also tweaked a lot of things here and there, and updated a lot of small details. We also made sure Telescope articles support Telegram Quick Preview, we speeded Telescope up, and we fixed dozens of bugs.

Telescope Pro

What’s even better is that Telescope Pro costs less now, and those who want to enjoy all the fantastic features of Telescope Pro can also choose an annual subscription, which costs approximately 40% less.
Of course, it also includes more benefits like endless customization options, custom SEO tags, and better statistics.

What’s next?

Two-factor authentication will become available soon, and we’re also planning to make Telescope faster (yes, faster!). But the next important milestone is our upcoming ProductHunt release — and it’s planned to happen in the following weeks.

Still have questions about Telescope? Found a bug and want it to be fixed ASAP? Want some feature and not sure if it‘s planned to be implemented or not? Just want to show your love and support? Write a message to :)