Getting ready for Telescope 2.0

It’s finally time — Telescope 2.0 is officially getting released. It has been postponed several times, but the wait is almost over and the new version of your favourite content distribution platform will be released in just two days, on Thursday, 20th of October.

This post doesn’t contain information about all the features we’re about to release, but focuses on some important changes you need to be aware beforehand.

Most of the things Telescope 2.0 is about are not visible for end users — for example, we completely changed the template engine and made sure we can now introduce more cool changes with minimal effort. It allowed us to return back features that were deprecated or even removed at some point, like the ability to insert YouTube videos and tweets. We also changed a bunch of stuff here and there, so don’t be surprised when you see how nice and shiny everything finally is.


Telescope 2.0 introduces a new home page for your editor that we called a “Dashboard”. This page contains all the information about your blogs, posts, about how many people read your content and how many people subscribe to you. This is the first see you’ll see once you log in, and it’ll certinally be the page you’ll notice first. Don’t be surprised!

New customization mechanism

Telescope 2.0 introduces a new and cool customization mechanism that will allow to not just choose from one of several pre-defined themes but tweak all the colors, change fonts, choose the layout and how your blog page will look like.

Unfortunately, it means all the custom themes are getting removed and you will be rolled back to the default one. Not many users will be affected, but, please, make sure to visit your blog’s settings and update colors, fonts and stuff like that after the 20th of October.

New prices and subscription options

Some really good news — all prices are going to be decreased (by approximately 20-25%). In addition, we’re going to introduce you a new cool annual subscription that will allow to save even more.

Well, what’s next?

Telescope 2.0 is not going to be released on platforms like ProductHunt and IndieHackers immediately —  we plan to test it, introduce features like 2FA and “blogless” posts, and then let the world know. It will take approximately two weeks, and more information will be shared in the next days.

Have any questions and thoughts? Feel free to ask us: