Update #1: Backups

One of the features people asked me for and one of the features that's basically an indicator that we're not going to lock you in and force using our platform till the end of times.

Today Telescope introduces backups — and this is one of the coolest additions to the pre-release set of features. Just go to your project/blog page and select Backup... from the dropdown menu. Currently there are two backup options available:


This option generates one JSON file that contains all the information about your published stories. The structure of the file is very simple — it has nothing else except your content and some basic information about it.


What's more impressive is the ability to generate archives with HTML pages inside — which basically means that you can create a complete standalone blog out of your Telescope project. The archive will contain all the published articles in HTML format. There will be no CSS files and images, but I'm also working on making it possible to generate a nicely and properly styled HTML blog.

No more vendor lock-in — your content is yours and belongs only to you.

What's next?

There are certain things that will be improved in the future — for example, there will be an option to create backups automatically, and upload or send them somewhere. One more feature that is planned but not implemented yet is an ability to generate partial backups that contain only the stories publishing after a specified date.