I've been playing around with a concept of an 'idea sandbox' for years. It started in college (2004) with Walnut Street Concepts, basically an excuse for a few friends and I to explore ideas in different verticals, break things and learn in the process. This idea with time and iterations, led to the founding of Khoob a few years ago.

Name stems from a common Bengali phrase "khoob bhaalo" (very good). It's also common in Urdu/Hindi as "bahut khoob".

Logo unit is a derivative of a type of Bengali motif art known as Alpana done with a paste of rice and flour.

Khoob as it stands today is a vehicle for India first explorations into the future of work, wellness, sustainability, money, etc.

The idea since founding was to be radical in our explorations. Be ok with experimenting with ideas that are "too early", take our time with them, be nimble enough to evolve them and then most importantly be ok to fail, share our findings and move on.

Over the next few months we will be slowly revealing the explorations we have been working on these past few years.

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