Nostalgia is one of my favourite concepts defined within the realm on a single word.

Definition: noun - A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

With time, we are unfortunately losing the ability to create these moments.

Today it has boiled down to an angry 140 rant, a filtered Instagram post or a swipe left.

We have lost the ability to write a post card (let alone write with a pen on paper).

The one-to-one has now become the one-to-many. The "influencer".

A few months back the team at Lazy Eight Design launched an initiative called #designindia2020

I absolutely loved what the team did for the iconic Indian rum, Old Monk.

Essentially an inviting post card in a bottle with a modern twist.

Someone there, a faithful old friend, eye to eye without the “emojis” or the "likes" with a bottle "old school" style, to reminisce and create these nostalgic moments that are just your's and his/her/their's.

View the Case Study here.