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This week in lieu of our regularly scheduled Favorite Friday Finds I want to share with you the tools and resources I have been using to plan my year. I want you to know that I use the term “plan my year” loosely. The tools I have been using have helped me plan more than just a year, or any specific period of time, these resources help me get from the nitty gritty of my days planned to the big picture vision of my goals and dreams planned.

I also want you to know that I have been using all of these resources for at least six months (so it wasn’t an overnight success), some of them over a year! It all started a few years back when I went on a 4 hour internet binge looking for the perfect planner (is there even such a thing!). Life felt chaotic and disorganized and I thought a planner would do the trick, after four hours all I had accomplished was a whole lot of wasted time and a headache.

I managed with ideas I had thrown together, some I had found online, for another year or so… the reality was that my schedule was getting more demanding. My daughter was getting older, requiring more of my time in homeschooling and God was calling me into ministry, also demanding more of my time.