Who we are looking for?

"You are a 3 am side project tinkerer. Your hobby is questioning. Your MO is change. You prefer 'kulhad' chai over 'green mermaid' coffees. You were at the edge of your seat during Karmakar’s Produnova Rio Vault. You see the problems but appreciate the challenge. You are not chasing green cards, rather greener pastures. Failure is a weight class below you whom you can out punch. You enjoy the small talk that leads to larger conversations. You appreciate the broad spectrum and the challenges at both ends. You see 1.3 billion as one giant sandbox. You’re a designer, engineer, chef or a homemaker. You seek change and you want to be a part of it. “Yolo” would have been a tattoo but 'maa' said no and you humbly obliged. You smile, you hustle, you learn and you inspire. We are looking for you, your ideas, your skills, drive and most importantly your ability to always question the ordinary."

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