Ares Arquitectos projects proven experience in the real estate sector

Ares Arquitectos projects proven experience in the real estate sector

Published 3 years ago the December 6, 2017By Liz Areli Cervantes López

The firm has participated in the design of hotels with international brands

Pioneers in the conceptualization and design of the first Shopping Centers in Mexico, Ares Arquitectos is a company that for 40 years has specialized in Architectural Design and Commercial Interior Design . During all this time, Ares has designed more than 350 projects which add up to a figure in excess of the three million 500 thousand square meters that have been built, among which, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, department stores, convenience stores are included. specialty, vertical housing, vertical housing and hotels, among others.

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Hotel Galerias Valle Oriente

Part of the firm's specialty sector is precisely the development of mixed-use projects, which have a strong component of hotels and vertical housing. The generation of projects in the hotel sector has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. This has caused many national and international chains to be developing projects for their different business models in Latin America .

City Express Hotel, Mixed Uses Las Villas

Responding to this need, Ares Architects has dabbled in development projects hotels in their specialties architectural design and interior design, its customers include large chain operators such as Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, Residence Inn by Marriott , Hilton and City Express among others, whether integrated to a mixed-use development or for a stand alone hotel .

Hotel Courtyard CDMX

In order to create an architectural identity applicable to each particular brand, Ares Arquitectos collaborates with all these hotel chains from the development of design prototypes , so that they are applied to each project according to the business model. This work begins with the definition of the client's needs and ends with a design prototype that includes concepts from facades and interior space, to including the selection of each element such as furniture, lighting, finishes , etc.

Hotel Fairfield CDMX

In the event that the hotel chain has a current design prototype, Ares participates in the application of this prototype by developing a completely new project or adapting it to a hotel that is in operation to renovate or redesign it for a different brand.

Mixed Uses Oval Park Residential

On the other hand, given the problem of the lack of land and its high cost, mixed-use developments have emerged as an option to seek the profitability of vertical housing real estate developments . Within this scope, Ares has recently participated in commercial projects with a strong vertical housing component. Such is the case of Averanda in Cuernavaca , The Point in the Santa Fe area in CDMX and Tlalnepantla in the State of Mexico , among others.

Mixed Uses Tlalnepantla Residencial

Thus, Ares Arquitectos continues to generate trust among large developers and important investors who have placed their trust in them throughout the life of the firm, due to their knowledge within the architectural project of hotels, housing, offices and shopping centers. .