You might think hoodies are reserved for people in their teens and twenties, but this isn't the case. People of all ages can wear hoodies; they’re practical, warm and versatile, making them great for relaxing at the weekend or wearing to the shops. If you want to wear a hoodie but aren’t sure how to style one, we have some great tips that can help you make the hoodie a common item in your wardrobe.

Style with a jacket or coat

A hoodie is a great way to add more warmth to another jacket or coat. It can also create a casual, cool look or something more sophisticated. If you love the look of your favourite denim or leather jacket and want a way to keep wearing it when the weather gets colder, layer it with a hoodie. This works particularly well with oversized jackets, as you will have much more room to fit a hoodie underneath. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, you can pair a hoodie with a more formal structured blazer coat or jacket. This look is interesting as it combines two distinct styles to create a smart, casual but cool outfit.

Pair with cycling shorts or leggings

Hoodies tend to be oversized, baggy and don’t fit the form of your figure. If you pair a hoodie with baggy jeans or a flowing skirt, it can look too messy as an outfit. Pairing a hoodie with cycling shorts or leggings is a good option for a relaxed, comfortable daytime look. Oversized hoodies that cover your bum work really well for this cool look you can wear all day when running errands, walking the dog or simply chilling out in the comfort of your home.

Play with materials

Hoodies typically come in the same soft cotton and polyester blend. However, you might not be aware that there are hoodies in other materials you can purchase. Teddy bear hoodies have become increasingly popular in the last few years; they’re made to look and feel like a teddy bear, and they are incredibly soft and comfortable. You can also purchase hoodies in more sustainable materials, such as hemp, for a more natural look. Hemp is durable, breathable, and has antimicrobial properties, helping keep your hoodie clean and smelling great for longer. If you’re looking for more luxurious fabric, opt for a women's cashmere hoodie. Cashmere is one of the softest materials made from the hair of goats living in extreme temperatures. Cashmere is very good at keeping you warm and comfortable without being too bulky, making it great for a more formal occasion. Choosing a different hoodie material can really change the style of your outfit, don’t be afraid to try hoodies in several different materials.

Cropped hoodie

Cropped hoodies are perfect for people who love the latest fashion trends. You can combine a cropped hoodie with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans for a look that’s perfect for a casual lunch date or a shopping trip. Cropped hoodies allow you to accentuate your waist, unlike regular hoodies that are long and don’t hug the figure. A popular co-ord outfit is a combination of a cropped hoodie with a pair of matching high-waisted tracksuit bottoms. This look is perfect for exercising, chilling around the house, and looking cool and stylish.

Hoodie dress

Another take on the classic hoodie is the hoodie dress. The ultimate casual, relaxed dress that gives you the comfort of a hoodie whilst also showing off your legs. Hoodie dresses are great for changeable weather; you can pop the hood up if it starts to rain, and you have your legs bare for when things get warmer. Oversized hoodie dresses look great with boots, trainers and shoes. Opt for a pair of long socks with your hoodie dress for a real fashion statement.When it comes to styling a hoodie, there are no hard and fast rules. Hoodies are designed to be comfortable and versatile. Pair your hoodie with things you love to wear to create an outfit you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Don’t worry about other people and their opinions; clothes are all about expressing yourself and your own individual style.