How To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile 2022

One of the most often asked topics on Facebook is if you can see who has looked at your profile. Indeed, a fast search yields dozens of apps and services that claim to provide access to this information. Should you believe them, though? Is it possible to tell who has looked at your Facebook profile? Let me answer that question and debunk some of the fallacies around this topic in this article.

Despite the fact that this is one of the most frequent Facebook fallacies, many users remain hopeful. However, according to Facebook, there is no way to see who has viewed your Facebook profile. Facebook acknowledged this in a Help Center response, stating:

“No, Facebook users cannot see who visits their profile." This feature is also unavailable in third-party applications.”

Consider LinkedIn. Users without a premium membership are frequently notified that their profile has been visited. You can pay for the premium plan to see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile. The network frequently promotes this fact. Users on Facebook, on the other hand, are not given this information. This is most likely because LinkedIn is primarily a professional network, whereas Facebook is primarily personal.

Having the ability to see who viewed your Facebook profile might be humiliating for those who did, particularly exes, hidden fans, or acquaintances. Allowing Facebook users to view profile visitors would undoubtedly discourage people from utilizing the service. As a result, the corporation does not make this information available through an app or public source code.

We do know that Facebook has a lot of information about you. However, users do not have access to all of this information. One thing is certain: you cannot see who has viewed your profile on Facebook. Any tool that claims to provide you with this information should be avoided.

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