Here’s How to Make Your Home Work for Everything & Everyone

How does your home work for you? Does it fulfill the need of your office, gym, cafe, bar, school, etc.? Students and parents, who study and work from home, require a proper workplace. The additional requirement for technology and a peaceful work setting can push the home to its limits. Basically, the answer is separation, and there are many methods to accomplish the same. Being the best interior designers in Mumbai, we would like to let you know that if your home is on the edge of popping owing to extreme requests out of limited space, it is high time to discover some solutions to get your home work for everyone and everything.

From Open Concept to ‘Flexible’ Concept

Most of the people out there embrace the open concept of living until it gets to work from home. Sound effectively penetrates open spaces, making it challenging to focus or receive a video call. Thus, the approach of an open concept for a living gave birth to the flexible concept. How could we make the rooms more private to work during the day and open the rest of the time? Well, the solution to this issue lies in the installation of large sliding doors or full-size double barn doors. When it’s time for you to work, you can simply close part of a room, and for the rest of the time, you can let it be open. Our interior designers in Mumbai can help you achieve this effectively.

Forging New Territory, Underground

If there’s a basement in your home, you can utilize it as a workout room. This can be achieved by digging the floor of your basement and increase the height of the ceiling to make enough space for usage as required. It is not something new to the world. People since ages are using their basement for different purposes.

Embrace the Multi-Functional Home

Private bathrooms for each bedroom are becoming the norm, and the master bedrooms have cafes and small refrigerators. These amenities allow rooms to serve multiple purposes, for example, they can be used as an office by day and regular bedrooms at night.

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