Rap Beats For Writing Music For the Main Verse

Trap Beats are the musical instruments or samples that can be found in Hip Hop Music that are known for being repetitive, "on topic" or just plain funky. They can be from a variety of different sources and come in many shapes, sizes, and formats. Some of the most popular artists and music groups in the world use trap beats as their main genre of music, such as: Jay Z, Big Daddy Kane, Pharrell, J.I.D., Scott Storch, Timbaland, and many more. Even artists from other genres of music have brought trap beats to the forefront of their sound.

One of the most prominent characteristics of trap beats is the use of a simple yet catchy melody that contains repeated bass drum, hi hats, and snare rhythms. These melodies often use complex rhythmic patterns like polyrhythmic pulses, rhythmic variations of single-cycle kicks, and sample scratch vocals to create a melodic feel. Other prominent characteristics include the addition of keyboards or vocal sounds at the end of a pattern to emphasize a bassline or a melody.

Trap Beats can be of any style or genre and are commonly known as the "EDM". The term "EDM" is an abbreviation for" Featured Drum Model". It is widely accepted that trap beats were first introduced in the late 90's by a group called the Dead Kennersons. Their song "Drinkin' Problems" was an influential factor in the birth of modern day trap beat music. EDM continues to evolve and take shape with each new artist who creates it. Today there are many new and up-and-coming artists that are creating great Hip Hop beats using EDM.

Another common use of trap beats is for a rapper to use two distinct tempo settings for songs. A bpm, which is a constant beat rate, is often used on bpm charted tracks to give the listener a sense of consistency throughout the song. A bpm is typically easy to hear and adjust compared to other rhythmic elements of a rap song such as drums or a piano roll. On the flip side, a double-time beat has a unique sound to it that gives the listener a certain feeling or emotion as it comes in and out of the song.

Hip Hop is a complex musical style where one type of sound is used heavily while others are barely heard. A popular sound in Hip Hop is a double-time or triple-time beat. Double-time's are repeated drumbeats that sound like bells. A triple-time has a similar sound but it uses three distinct sounds instead of two. Commonly used as a climax or end to a song, a double-time or triple-time beat is a popular choice for trap beats.

Trap beats often occur in a rap song's main verse. This is a crucial place as it's the main spot where the listener can immediately pick up the rhythm. As well, the main verse is the perfect place for a beat that contains a lot of repeating, hi-hat pattern melody.