"Weeks Together": Olivia Wilde sparks romance rumors with Harry Styles

Recently, the Western press has not found a place for itself: journalists are trying to find out the details of the possible relationship of ex-One Direction member Harry Styles merch with actress and director Olivia Wilde. The headlines of foreign media are full of unexpected news, but they do not disclose specific details.

Rumors about the romance of the musician and the star of "Dr. House" have spread due to the fact that they increasingly began to go out in public together. But the reason for this may be quite understandable. The fact is that Wilde is now the director and producer of a new film called Don't Worry Sweetheart, in which Styles plays one of the roles. Olivia also has a role in the film.

The filming of the film began recently, so meetings of celebrities may well just work. Although insiders notice that the stars are too fond of each other. The paparazzi began their investigation - they managed to find a photograph from the wedding of manager Harry, in which you can see Styles and Wilde holding hands.

Another confirmation of their possible romance appeared in E! News. An insider said that at the same wedding, celebrities really behaved like a couple in love and even stayed in the same hotel room overnight. The source also said that the relationship between the stars began quite recently. "Together for several weeks," - said the insider.