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For people who once could play with Fortnite on i-OS or Mac apparatus, Epic Games is giving away free V-Bucks to make up to get Apple obstructing game upgrades. Fortnite mobile and Mac players have not had access to the most recent upgrades since August in light of an ongoing lawsuit between Epic Games along with Apple.

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About August 1 3, Epic Games published an upgrade for Fortnite on i-OS along with Android apparatus that could allow players to endanger their device's app shop and purchase V-Bucks directly from Epic Games at a discounted price. Apple has been the first to prohibit Fortnite from the App Store and any future upgrades. In retaliation to the ban, Epic Games filed a suit against Apple for harboring an anti-competitive market along with many other claims. Fortnite cell players have returned to alternative platforms or possess remained platformless.

The Fortnite i-OS and Mac community continues to voice its phobias under nearly every article made by Fortnite related accounts. They've seemingly been discovered, and Epic Games announced via the Fortnite Status Twitter account which select Fortnite mobile and Mac players would be finding a V-Buck grant.

It doesn't affect all Fortnite mobile users, just people who purchased V-Bucks throughout the Apple App Store and also have yet to pay them. Epic Games is doubling the number of all unspent V-Bucks which were purchased through the App Store to get i-OS and throughout the Epic Games Store on Mac, with the replacement V-Bucks usable on any stage.

In case this is an attempt for Epic Games to maintain gamers from Mac and i-OS, it sure is a weird means to achieve that. Epic is offering to double the range of fresh V-Bucks which were purchased on currently defunct platforms nearly 3 weeks past.

It's tough to imagine that a person wouldn't have spent V-Bucks they purchased that long ago if they had the opportunity, and should they continue to stay platformless, extra unspendable V-Bucks will merely remind players that they cannot play with Fortnite in their stage on choice.


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