Is it really hard to successfully find one of the best cordless drills?

A handheld drill is a powerful tool that can help to make holes and drive screws quickly and effortlessly at home. On the occasion of Black Friday every year, this is one of the products that are sold out first. A power drill is the only tool you need for all basic fixtures at home including placing paintings, blinds and curtains, etc. In the past, there are only corded handheld drills but the introduction of cordless drills has made this power tool much more popular in daily life when they can eliminate all issues associated with the original corded drills. In this article, you are going to know about the great things that the best cordless drill can offer and how to pick a good one.

As a wise consumer these days, I always try to equip myself as much knowledge about the product as possible before I make my purchase decision. Now, I am ready to share all of what I found about the power drill.

What does the most powerful cordless drill can do for household fixtures?

  • A cordless drill is much more convenient than the corded one

Whenever and wherever you need to fix something in your house, just simply take the cordless drill and go ahead with any fixtures. With a cordless drill, any fixtures inside your house become much more simple and time-convenient. What you have to do is to check and recharge the battery of the power tool.

  • A cordless drill offers maneuverability

Cordless drills have a compact design and lightweight that allows you to reach any tight spots. The top rated cordless drill must be easy to hold and move into small spots. This is the most appreciated advantage of a cordless drill for me.

When you start searching about this powerful tool, you will be overwhelmed by the multiple types of power drills in general as well as cordless drills in specific. Multiple types of drills are made to work for different specific fixtures purposes.

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4 Types of cordless power drills

Cordless screwdriver

This type of power tool is the smallest power tool used for driving small screws (including tighten and loosen). For me, it is limited in terms of functionalities.

Impact cordless drills

This type of cordless drill is ideal for large screws because it has better rotary and torsional force. The impact cordless drill does not have a clutch but it can create twice as much rotation power than other drills; thus, it is essential to control its rotation speed to prevent all damages.

Right angle drill

As its name, this type of cordless drill makes an angle of 90 degrees in tandem. This design helps drive screws in hard-to-reach spaces.

Hammer drill

This cordless drill combines the function of a hammer into it to work effectively on hard materials such as stone or concrete.

Nowadays, we do have many advantages to choose a good cordless drill by reading many best cordless drill reviews available on the Internet. Thanks to them, you can know what the best rated cordless drill to purchase. However, in my opinion, first, you should understand some key features to consider in a cordless drill before getting into a cordless drill review. This can help you to determine what are right and what are wrong in cordless drill comparisons.


What are the key considerations in top rated cordless drills?

1/ Battery voltage

This feature can tell you how powerful a cordless drill is. A cordless drill is divided into three categories:

  • Heavy-duty: the voltage of these drills is normally between 18V and 36V. These heavy-duty drills are suitable for contractors.
  • General use: most cordless drills sold on the market belong to this type of battery voltage. They are between 18V and 24V that work well in most household fixtures.
  • Light-duty: this type of cordless drills has batteries of between 6V to 12V which can only work well for small household projects.

2/ Battery types

There is more than one type of battery used for cordless drills. When it comes to buying a cordless drill, you must care about the battery type of the tool. You need to differentiate between these 3 types of batteries:

  • Nickel-cadmium (NiCd): this conventional type of battery is not recommended these days because it is heavy and needed to be recharged frequently. More importantly, Cadmium is very toxic to the environment.
  • Nickel metal hydride (NiMH): this type is an upgrade as it can work longer than the NiCd and remove the toxic Cadmium from the battery.
  • Lithium-ion (Li-ion): this is the best choice of battery these days. A Li-ion battery can make a cordless drill work 50% more than a drill with other types of batteries.

3/ Motor types

For all kinds of power tools, the motor is considered as the heart to decide their efficiency. In the case of cordless drills, you should know about the differences between brushed and brushless motors.

  • Brushed motor: brushes are installed to a part of a motor to optimize the transmission of the power to rotating force. This way can create high torque (the twisting force that a drill can make on a surface) but it is harmful to the battery and requires regular maintenance. The biggest plus of the brushed motor is its affordable price.
  • Brushless motor: this is a big innovation applied in cordless drills. This latest technology can enhance the battery life of the drill by adjusting the drilling force automatically while operating on a certain type of surface. Although its price is a bit higher, it generates more torque and increases the run time.

To sum up

Like most of you, I have been searching around to find one of the best cordless tools to purchase. Instead of wasting your time looking for the answer to “What is the best cordless drill?” or “What is the best drill?”, you should study carefully the three key aspects I have just mentioned above. The best cordless power drill is not easy to choose from hundreds of cordless drills on the market but you definitely can determine key features to consider for your shopping.