How To Gift V Bucks In Fortnite - How To Get V Bucks In Fortnite

Fortnite players that were prevented from playing the updated version in the i-OS and Mac apparatus may have some additional V-Bucks coming their way if they want to alternatively play on an alternative platform. Epic Games has announced that it is giving a"V-Bucks bonus" for players on the platforms now embroiled in legal disputes with Apple with those V-Bucks subsequently being able to be allocated to any platform.

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Strategies for how those V-Bucks are distributed were summarized, and players can expect to observe the V-Bucks inside their accounts from November 9th. The full announcement from Epic Games related to these V-Bucks bonuses is seen below. For both i-OS and Mac players, Epic Games clarified how the process would work based on where you purchased your V-Bucks. The sole grabs with this bonus will be that you have to really have now been playing on the i-OS and/or Mac platforms to qualify and you have to have already owned any V-Bucks on those programs are unspent. If you satisfy those requirements, you are going to get the bonuses described above.

Although it's a fact that the V-Bucks you're becoming to invest on other programs are technically the ones that you already owned this usually means you're sort of earning your own money back via in-game currency, the bonus continues to be a welcome one awarded how Fortnite's cross-progression system works. V-Bucks are cross-platform compatible in several circumstances, but not when it comes to the play station 4 and also Nintendo Switch. V-Bucks you get on other programs can not be spent on those consoles, but with this particular bonus, the V-Bucks being distributed to players' accounts will probably be usable on every platform Fortnite's available on.

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