The Cluffy Wedge

A Cluffy Wedge happens to be an extension to a foot orthotic which foot doctors can use around the anterior part of foot orthoses, as well as it can also be obtained being a standalone pad that may be placed into the footwear. The product is designed as one method which can be used to take care of a problem referred to as functional hallux limitus. This condition is an issue while using the range of flexion in the big toe joint in the feet, for the reason that the range of flexion is normal in the event the foot is off the ground whenever getting checked out but the range of motion looks like it's reduced once the feet are on the ground. Since this limitation of movement is only if walking or weightbearing, it is given the term of ‘functional’. The word hallux is one other name for the great toe joint. So, this problem is a functional limitation of movement of the hallux or big toe joint of the foot. When someone has a functional hallux limitus this will impact the technique they walk and also run making these kinds of actions more complex. There'll be compensations at some other joints in the foot as this big toe joint isn't going to flex and this will likely cause conditions with those other joints in the foot. Functional hallux limitus is claimed being a risk factor for a variety of the issues that can go wrong with the foot.

To take care of functional hallux limitus, it needs to be made simpler for this hallux joint to flex throughout gait. Since the range of flexion of the big toe joint is actually normal, it is not using that range of motion once the feet are weightbearing. There are several approaches this motion with the joint can be helped. This is where the Cluffy Wedge comes in. This Cluffy wedge is placed underneath the great toe to place the joint in a a little dorsiflexed posture. Just what this does will it be gives a head start for the movements within that hallux joint and goes a long way to assisting the movement when the foot is on the ground. This Cluffy Wedge may be used to deal with various problems that are the result of the functional hallux limitus.