How to Find Great Subjects To Write About

How to Find Great Subjects To Write About

Every writer has his or her favorite topics to write about. Some prefer politics, others might enjoy writing about health, sports and lifestyle. But what if you don't have any topics to speak of?

A great way to find interesting topics is by making a list of your interests. If you're not sure where to start, try the following list for ideas:


- Politics

- Health

- The environment

- My day (talk about your daily routine)

- Our planet (explore different countries and culture)

5 Tips to Help You Find Great Topics For Your Articles!

Having a hard time coming up with great article topics? These 5 tips will help you find articles topics that are relevant, engaging, and fresh!

1. Make your subject matter relevant to your audience.

2. Stay away from keywords phrases such as “Best,” “Top 10,” or “10 Things You Didnt Know”

3. Be creative with your titles to keep them engaging and catchy

4. Include links to other articles you have written on similar topics in order to establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter

5. Work with a publication that provides content ideas for their writers

How To Write Like a Pro WITHOUT Studying

In today's world, everyone needs to make money. And this is why writing has become an important skill for many people.

But you don't actually need to study the art of writing to write productively and well. All you need is a little bit of organisation, attention to detail and some determination! With these few tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to write like a pro without much effort at all.

Take the time to organise yourself before getting started on your article. Once you have a plan for what needs to be done, it's easy for ideas and words to flow freely from your mind onto the page in front of you!

3 Reasons Why Students Still Struggle With Writing Essays + 5 Ways To Overcome Them!

I’ve been teaching college-level essay writing for the past 10 years and I can tell you that students still struggle with essay writing. The main reason for this is because the world of academia is a digital world. Brace yourself for this one: more than 70% of all research today is done online, and professors don’t expect to see essays submitted on paper anymore.

This means that students have to get used to doing research online, finding sources, and writing their essays in a digital format too. Most students have never written an essay in this way before (or at least not since they were in high school) so it can be really hard to know what they are doing wrong!