Complete Guide to Fix Yahoo Not Working with Outlook Error

Given below are some steps users can try when they face problems with the error of Yahoo mail not working with Outlook 2021:

  • It is advisable and the foremost step should be to check the internet connection, it would be better to turn off and then turn on the wifi or cellular data and also check the network connections and check if still yahoo mail is working on Outlook or not.

(If the device has a low network, try turning off the device, and then turning on or rebooting the device always works wonders in technical issues.)

  • Sometimes Yahoo mail is not working in Outlook as yahoo servers face issues from their side and to verify this, users can use the "down detector websites" to confirm whether the problem lies with Yahoo servers or not.

(When it is confirmed that the problem lies with the server, all users can do is wait for the server to activate again or can make a customer care complaint regarding the server issue.)

  • Users can also try checking the "configuration settings of Yahoo mail in Outlook".

Step To Set up Yahoo Mail on Outlook:

Follow the steps given below to set up Yahoo mail on outlook:

  • Users have to open the Outlook and then go to the Account Settings option from the File tab.
  • Then from the Advanced settings option, they have to check the incoming mail server & outgoing mail server.
  • All the necessary details should be entered in the Outlook for yahoo mail to run.

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