The abstract is an independent work on a certain topic, the information for which is collected from various sources. The abstract can be on a particular scientific or fictional work. In this case, the author analyzes the work and draws his own conclusions.

In universities, this type of homework is often used to test knowledge. The recommended volume of the entire work (depending on the discipline) is 10-20 pages.

A clear structure and requirements for the content and design are the same for all types of abstracts.

Topics for abstracts are distributed depending on the requirements of teachers. In some universities students are invited to choose their own topics from the available. In other educational institutions the topics are allocated according to the last number in the credit card or in the serial number in the list of the group.

The abstract has a strict structure, which is not recommended to change; title page; table of contents; introduction; main part; conclusion; list of references; appendices.

Each of the above items has its own nuances, so it is worth considering them in detail.

Title page - the first page of the abstract. On this sheet are indicated: the name of the educational organization, the department, on whose assignment the report is made, the topic, the name of the student and supervising teacher, the date and the city.

Table of contents - a plan of work, which specifies each of its elements with the numbering of pages.

Introduction - introductory part of the work, which gives its basic concepts.

The main part of the abstract reveals the topic. Depending on the logic of presentation in it can be several chapters and subsections. They should logically follow from the general to the particular.

In the conclusion again mentioned topic, relevance, object and subject of research. Also, the author indicates the goal and the tasks that were set to achieve it. He describes what tasks were solved during the work, what difficulties he encountered.

List of references (list of references or bibliography) includes a list of sources that were used in the preparation of the report (books, scientific articles, information portals and websites, etc.).

Appendix is an optional part of the abstract. It is allocated separately, if the work contains a lot of reference material or material whose volume exceeds a page A4.

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